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I love text only websites and sites with very few images, fast loading, no nonsense and to the point.
This is a collection of light weight sites that I have found, check them out.
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  If you have a link to add let me know Here
Text only News
Legible News
Drudge Report
The Christian Science Monitor
Search and Reference
Wiby Search
A computing-focused community
Startrek ascii art
Internet Encyclopedia
Reference the Web
Fun and Entertaining
Lots of fun and useful stuff
Funny Thoughts To Ponder
Funny Tech Support
Web Development
Web Managment Tool
Text only Recipe site
More plain text recipes
Recipe Archive
Reading Material
Web 2.0 sucks
The Small Web
This is a web page
Arts and Letters Daily
Whose home page?
Tech and Internet
Glossary of Internet Terms
Hacker News
Tildes Groups
Weather Maniac
Ascii Weather

  I believe that simple is better and that's why I like this type of website but at the same time I miss the internet of the past with all of its websites made by people with all kinds of interests and ideas.

In my travels on the internet I have noticed an interest in the retro internet and also the idea of lightweight , simple websites like the ones listed above.

If you have a common interest or maybe a link to share , I would love to hear from you. Hit me up.

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